About West Hills College Coalinga

WHC Coalinga Administration

Name Title Phone Email Address
Brenda Thames President 934-2200
Robert Pimentel Associate Dean of Educational Services 934-2793
Mark Gritton Associate Dean of Student Services 934-2455
Sandy McGlothlin Vice President of Student Services 934-2324
Clint Cowden Director of Farm of the Future 934-2701
Dr. Lawrence Buckley Interim Vice President of Educational Services 934-2334
Dr. Bertha Felix-Mata Associate Dean of North District Center 934-2217 BerthaFelixMata@whccd.edu
Shaun Bailey Director of Maintenance & Operations and Auxiliary Services 934-2254 ShaunBailey@whccd.edu
Eric Mendoza Associate Dean of Athletics 934-2501 ericmendoza2@whccd.edu
Lupe Espinoza Director of Special Grant Programs 934-2332 lupeespinoza1@whccd.edu
Mary Mello Director of Financial Aid 934-2306 marymello2@whccd.edu
Raquel Rodriguez Director of Title IV Projects 934-2218 RaquelRodriguez@whccd.edu
Daniel Tamayo Director of International Student Services 934-2432 DanielTamayo@whccd.edu