Agriculture Science and Technology
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    Farm Water and the Business Crisis

    Without dependable supplies of irrigation water farms simply can't produce the fresh fruits and vegetables, feed and fiber products that create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout California. Food Grows Where Water Flows.
    >> Watch Farm Water and the Business Crisis Video
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The Allen Farm is the hub of the Farm of the Future educational program at West Hills College Coalinga. Sitting on two parcels totaling 213 acres which were donated to the college by the Allen family in 2001, the Farm continues to grow and expand its facilities and course offerings.

Our vision is to create a national model of agricultural education, specializing in integrated food, fiber, and environmental systems from production to consumption emphasizing sustainable agriculture in partnership with resources in the San Joaquin Valley and the world.

Career opportunities in agriculture are many and diverse-requiring the best talent or our students. Enrollment in our Associate of Science Degree or Certificate programs in Agriculture Science and Technology can be your first step to a bright future.

A Strategic Plan for the Farm of the Future outlines three goals:

  • Ensure the growth of Agriculture and Industrial Science programs at the Farm, utilizing program review, assessment, and employer engagement
  • Explore and expand new programs and leverage external resources with input from employers and Advisory groups
  • Develop relationships to increase internship opportunities and employment placement


  • Pipeline Welder
  • Structural Steel Welder
  • CWI (requires work experience and AWS exam)
  • Welder/Fabricator
  • Certified Irrigation Designer
  • Certified Landscape/Golf Course Auditor
  • Golf Course Superintendent
  • Ag Irrigation Consultant
  • GPS/GIS Technician
  • Crop Consultant
  • Dealer/Manufacturer Representative
  • Private Applicator
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Construction Grade Checker
  • Field Mechanic
  • Equipment Construction Foreman
  • Chemical Dealer/Distributor
  • Private Agricultural Consultant
  • Coorporate Farm Manager
  • Private Applicator
  • Industrial Plant Mechanic
  • Agricultural Plant Mechanic
  • Mobile Equipment Mechanic
  • Sanitation Maintenance Technician

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Director of Farm
of the Future
(559) 934-2700

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Student Success

"The time I spent at West Hills College in the Precision Ag program has been very beneficial and the lessons learned there have been useful in my everyday life."

Kerri Birdwell,
West Coast Territory Manager
Ag Leader Technology, Iowa

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