Learning Center

West Hills College welcomes you to your Learning Center.

Our services are tailored to foster student success and retention. We want to help you develop a positive attitude toward learning and build confidence in the classroom. Our goal is to empower you to become a confident, effective, and independent learner.


Learning Center Crew


Located inside your campus library, the Learning Center has a variety of services to suit your needs. The Center is open during library hours of operation.


Group Tutoring


Policies and Responsibilities



Student Must:

  • Bring your ID card in order to sign into the computer at the entrance of the Learning Center
  • Bring assignment instructions, book, and handouts to the session
  • Attempt to have completed the assignment(s) before seeing a tutor
  • Come in for help as soon as the assignment is given. Don’t wait until it’s due
  • Register for NC-100-C01 or F01
  • This is a non-credit course that is free of cost

    You will not receive any units or grade for the course nor will you have to attend a class

    It is used for tracking purposes only

For Free Online Tutoring, West Hills College provides all students access to NetTutor. To access NetTutor, log in to your myWestHills portal, click on "Access myCourses", enter a course and click on "NetTutor" in the course navigation bar.

Services are FREE and available to all students enrolled in classes at West Hills College. 

year 16-17 in review of the learning center