About WHC District

District Office Administrators

David Castillo - Director of Special Grant Programs

Becky Cazares - Director of Human Resources

Conne Cleveland - Director of Child Development Centers

Kelly Cooper - Associate Vice Chancellor of Connected Learning

Kathryn DeFede - District Director of Health Careers

Frank Gornick - Chancellor

Rita Grogan - Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Institutional Effectiveness

Michelle Kozlowski - Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Information Technology

Frances Squire - Executive Director, West Hills Community College Foundation

Ken Stoppenbrink - Deputy Chancellor

Tammy Weatherman - Associate Vice Chancellor of Business Services

Amber Myrick - Director of Marketing/Public Information Officer

Anita Wright - Director of Grants

West Hills College Coalinga Administrators

Shaun Bailey - Director of Maintenance & Operations and Auxiliary Services

Larry Buckley - Interim Vice President of Educational Services

Clint Cowden - Director of Farm of the Future

Lupe Espinoza - Director of Special Grant Programs

Bertha Felix-Mata - Associate Dean of North District Center, Firebaugh

Mark Gritton - Associate Dean of Student Services

Sandy McGlothlin - Vice President of Student Services

Mary Mello - Director of Financial Aid

Eric Mendoza - Associate Dean of Athletics

Robert Pimentel - Associate Dean of Educational Services

Raquel Rodriguez - Director of Title IV Projects

Daniel Tamayo - Director of International Student Services

Brenda Thames - President

West Hills College Lemoore Administrators

Dave Bolt - Vice President of Educational Services

Kristin Clark - President

Henry Covarrubias - Director of Special Grant Programs

Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson - Vice President of Student Services

Lataria Hall - Associate Dean of Categorical Programs

Chris Hawken - Associate Dean of Athletics

Nestor Lomeli - Director of Upward Bound

James Preston - Dean of Educational Services

Joel Ruble - Dean of Student Services

Giselle Simon - Director of Special Grant Programs

Deborah Soria - Director of Financial Aid

Oscar Villarreal - Director of Upward Bound/After School Program