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Camilo Ramirez
Camilo Ramirez

WIT training allowed Mendota resident Camilo Ramirez to become a certified forklift driver for Neil Jones Foods, a job he's thankful for and loves. "I worked a lot of tiem in the fields and I see a lot of people struggling right now," he said.

The instructors at WIT helped a lot, he said. "I took my tests and I got qualified 100 pecent, thanks to the teaching they gave me." It's a family affair, his wife works for Neil Jones Foods as well. With four kids, ages 28, 18, 10 and 9, Ramirez is content to stay and work in Mendota. "It's my town. I'm glad to be right here. "

Anthony Martinez and David Castillo
Anthony Martinez and David Castillo

Anthony Martinez (above left, with WIT director David Castill0) has seen a lot of changes in Mendota; he's lived there his whole life. Martinez has worked at the Spreckles sugar plant for 28 years. Despite having an established job, he decided to take the WIT maintenance mechanic course to expand and improve his work skills. What he found impressed him.

"They've got good instructors, they go step-by-step and make sure you get it," he said.

In fact, he thought it was such a good deal that he's encouraging his son to sign up as well. "I want him to take the course, too. He can learn to work and start on his future," Martinez said.

Martinez improved his electrical and welding skills, making him a more valuable employee. Upon completion of the course, a speical grant made it possible for him to receive a set of Snap-On tools. It was a pretty good deal, indeed.

David Castillo
WIT Director