Child Development Centers
West Hills College Early Care and Education Programs

Early Literacy

Mission & Vision

West Hills Community College District is committed to providing high quality early care and education programs throughout their service areas to ensure families have access to care for their child; children are prepared for their future education; and the college student is exposed to the highest of standards in a laboratory setting. 

The early care and education programs are located at Child Development Centers in Coalinga, Lemoore, Firebaugh, San Joaquin, and Avenal.  These centers will evolve to exemplify best practices in early education; serve as a model for other educational institutes; and become accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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The children's program establishes an interated curriculum to meet the developmental needs of each child.  The integrated curriculum consists of activities that develop the child's sense of self and cognition.

There are opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, personal and group time, and a free choice of developmental social skills, language, and creativities.  The day is filled with opportunities for learning with minimal transitions under the guidance of a supportive, nurturing teaching staff.