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Educational Services and Workforce Development Office


The Educational Services and Workforce Development commitment (ES&WD) of the District is accountable for planning and implementing strategies and direction of efforts for the following WHCCD departments: Educational Services, Workforce Development, Curriculum, Child Development Centers, Categorical Funding and Grants, State and Federal Programs, Information Technology and Management Information Systems (MIS) reporting and the Westside Institute of Technology (WIT)


Academic & Information Services

Provides services for staff and students in specific areas of admissions, records and enrollment management in support of student success. In addition, the department provides access to information through web services, Colleague (Datatel), research and reporting.

Child Development Centers

West Hills College CDCs provide quality care through play-based programs for children from birth to age 5. The centers also serve as a lab setting for WHC students studying human development and teaching.
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Conne Cleveland
Co-Director of CDC

Nacy Jeffcoach
Co-Director of CDC
(559) 925-3379

Central California Community Colleges Committed to Change (C6) Consortium

Funded by Department of Labor, C6 is a regional collaborative intended to re-shape the way we offer career technical training to the students of the Central Region in California.

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Robert Pimentel
(559) 934-2793

Contract Training

Provides customized performance-based training, assessment and consulting services designed to assist business, industry, agencies, and other organizations to improve the quality of their products and services and to increase their competitiveness within domestic and international markets.

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Linda Thomas
Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Workforce Development
(559) 934-2133

Educational Services and Information Technology

Information Technology Services provides and supports the underlying technology infrastructure that allows all functions and services of the district and its institutions to be carried out.

Michelle Kozlowski
Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Services & Information Technology
(559) 934-2240


The Grants Office supports grant development and implementation at our two colleges, one center, and District for programs that further institutional, divisional, departmental, and programmatic goals for the rural communities served by the West Hills District service area.

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Anita Wright
Interim Director of Grants
(559) 934-2144

Health Careers

Health Careers programs help you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a variety of challenging and rewarding health care roles. Employment job in the health care industry will allow you to have a meaningful impact in the lives other other people.

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Kathryn De Fede
Director of Nursing
(559) 925-3145

Internships and Career Readiness

Collaborates with business, industry, agencies, and other organizations to develop, coordinate, and advance apprenticeship and internships that promote student success and enrich our communities through education and work-based learning opportunities.

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Corinna Pereira
Workplace Learning Liaison & Internship Coordinator
(559) 934-2168

Westside Institute of Technology

The Westside Institute of Technology (WIT) is a collaborative effort between K-12 school districts, municipalities and the college district. We help build career technical knowledge and skill-sets required to get a job, increase wages or advance your career. We offer courses at all district campuses and in most communities within the district, including Firebaugh and Avenal.

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David Castillo
Director of Special Grant Programs
(559) 934-2166

Workforce Connection

Provides qualified residents with Career Technical Training, support services, and job placement services to ensure self-sufficiency. The All Youth One System (AYOS) guides young adults, on a pathway to education, training, and personal development that lead them to meaningful, full-time employment.

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Cecilio Mora
Sr. Employment Readiness Specialist
(559) 934-2430

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Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Workforce Development
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