President's Scholar Profile
Hayley Munroe
Hayley Munroe

Hayley Munroe is determined to attend college and the West Hills Community College Foundation President’s Scholars Program has made that possible.

The Hanford East High School graduate is now a sophomore at West Hills College Lemoore and well on the way to earning an associate’s degree in liberal arts that will eventually lead to a bachelor’s degree and becoming a teacher working with deaf students.

Hayley discovered American Sign Language during her second year of high school and came to love the community, the culture and the people associated with it. She was president of the ASL Club in high school. She had planned to go straight to Fresno State but said there was just no way that she could afford it since her mother works three jobs just to make ends meet. Instead, she came to WHCL as a President’s Scholar and has no regrets.

She enjoys her classes at WHCL and is involved with the college’s GEAR program, which prepares students to be tutors, tour guides, mentors and volunteers at campus events. It’s her way of giving back to the college that gives her so much.

We don’t all get equal financial support and for some of us, this is how we can get a college education

“The President’s Scholars are all really good students,” she says. “We don’t all get equal financial support and for some of us, this is how we can get a college education. Without the program, some students would give up on college and go straight to work because they can’t afford to pay for the books and tuition.”

The loss of those qualified students is a loss for all Americans since there is a recognized need for the skills that students acquire in college. A recent Brookings Institution report says that in the Fresno regional area, there were 20,710 job openings requiring some college or an associate degree yet there were only 13,868 workers with those credentials.

The loss of highly qualified students who want to attend college but can’t afford it costs society in the long run. Students who earn a California community college degree or certificate nearly double their earnings within three years and earn nearly $400,000 more over a 40 year career than those with only a high school diploma. Based on those numbers, they will pay more taxes and statistics show that they are less likely to need social services like welfare and unemployment.

Everyone wins when students like Hayley Monroe have a chance to attend college. We hope you will join us in making that happen by supporting the President’s Scholars Program at West Hills College.


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